3 Benefits of Preventative Tree Maintenance

Regardless of the age of your trees, they can benefit from regular pruning and trimming by a certified arborist, ensuring the best possible growing conditions for the needs of each tree. Not only does this improve the trees’ health, it also improves their beauty and the esthetic appeal of your property, adding to its real estate value.

More importantly, regular tree care can reduce the risk of storm-related damage, which can be both dangerous and costly. Unforeseen weather conditions, such as heavy snow or ice, can easily fell large tree limbs onto your home or parked vehicles.

But there’s more to trimming and pruning than meets the eye. Improper trimming can permanently damage your trees and impact the beauty of your property. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional tree service, whose certified arborists are skilled in tree assessment, tree care and heavy equipment handling. When professionally handled, your tree care program will give you the following benefits:

1 – Healthy and Beautiful Trees

Healthy trees are a cornerstone of any landscape and pruning is essential for their optimal well-being. When a certified arborist cares for your trees, they will assess the trees’ needs in terms of nutrients, aeration, trimming to allow light penetration and damaged or dying limbs that could cause future problems.

This combination of care practices ensures the longevity of your trees and encourages healthy growth that will provide you with esthetic appeal and valuable shade in the summer months.

2 – Esthetic Appeal – and Increased Property Value

Your home is one of the biggest investments you make in your life. Keeping it beautiful not only makes your time at home more enjoyable, it increases your “curb appeal”, which positively impacts the real estate value of your property.

Regular tree maintenance keeps your property visually pleasing by eliminating unsightly overgrowth and ensuring that all your trees, plants and shrubs have the space and ability to thrive and grow, maintaining the visual balance of your landscape.

3 – Minimized Safety Hazards

Ontarians are no strangers to winter storms and, while we all hope for a mild winter, we know that there’s a strong likelihood of at least a couple of major winter storms each year. Healthy trees are better able to withstand the impact of strong winds and heavy snow and ice, thereby mitigating your risk.

Did you know that your home insurance might not cover damage caused by falling tree limbs? If a tree or limb was known to be dead before it fell, you may not have coverage, so protect yourself – and your bank account – from any surprises with a tree assessment before the winter months. Branches and trees that pose a risk, or grow too close to power lines, can be safely and professionally removed before they cause a problem.

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