3 Reasons to Trim Your Trees BEFORE Holiday Decorating

Showcase your festive creations… and let your decorations SHINE!

Now that Hallowe’en is behind us and all our little ghosts and action characters are happily munching on their hard-earned treats, our attention turns to the Holidays – and festive decorations. If you’re like most Canadians, you don’t relish the thought of outside decorating in the deep cold, so many of us start our Holiday décor plan early to avoid that misery.

After the beautiful summer and fall seasons that we’ve enjoyed this year, you might notice that your trees and shrubs have grown quite a bit, and may have even become a little unruly. Here are a few reasons to trim your trees before you string the lights and put your decorations up.

1- Showcase your creativity!

A little tree trimming can go a long way in showcasing your lights and helping all your design efforts pay off. Plus, if you’re using an accent light to highlight a feature tree, such as a blue spruce, tree trimming by a certified arborist will help give your décor a professional look – and keep your tree healthy.

2- Set the stage for next year’s beautiful garden!

Of course, while we’re focused on the upcoming Holidays, Mother Nature is working her annual magic. The seasons are shifting, foliage has recessed, and trees and shrubs are becoming dormant, making this is an excellent time of year for trimming, to prepare your landscape features for optimal growth next year.

3- Make it safe!

Nothing can spoil the Holidays like a serious injury… another reason why late-fall tree trimming is a smart idea. Vulnerable or compromised branches aren’t always visible to the naked eye. They can pose a serious risk when the weight of a person on a ladder is applied to a branch that is ready to break. A certified arborist will ensure that your tree branches are secure and deal with any issues that may have arisen. Plus, you’ll be all set for the snow and ice weight risks of winter… protecting your property and your family.

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