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ECOGREEN has been providing both tree services and landscape construction services, within our service area, for many years. All our arborists and landscape professionals are fully-licenced and qualified in their respective crafts, plus, we are fully-insured, and have active W.S.I.B. coverage for your full protection.

We live and work in the area, and we know it well. Across the scope of our experience, we’ve seen a wide spectrum of situations, and brought safety and beautification solutions to many clients. Of course, every picture tells a story, so we invite you to visit our gallery to view a selection of ECOGREEN projects.

ECOGREEN’S ecological approach to property beautification is supported by our Sustainability Program, in which we donate to a fund which plants a tree for each one that we remove.

Newly Re-located?

Welcome to the neighbourhood!

As you settle in and add your own touches to your property, you’ll probably start to see a few things that need some attention – like trees that overhang your roof and pose a threat to the safety of your home and family, needles dropping on your vehicles and driveway, or eaves-troughs clogged with leaf residue from the fall.

Whatever the challenge, ECOGREEN has you covered!

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their vision for the beauty of their property efficiently, safely, and sustainably. Our collaborative process helps to dovetail the client’s vision with our knowledge and expertise, so that every project is well-planned and executed and every client receives the outcome they expected.

From inception to completion, only fully-qualified experts are involved in any aspect of a client’s property beautification. We hold both aesthetic value and safety in high regard, and approach every client’s project as if it were our own.

Meet Martin Lafleur

Martin Lafleur

ECOGREEN Tree Services & Landscape Construction President, Martin Lafleur, has had a lifetime passion for trees and their role in property beautification.

Martin is a certified arborist, forester and tree risk assessor with approximately 20 years’ experience in tree care. ECOGREEN serves homeowners in the north GTA vicinity.

Always concerned about tree preservation, Martin works with his clients to provide quality care for their trees, only removing them when the need arises. After the Ice Storm of December 2014, he worked tirelessly, completing over 2,800 projects in a short time period to ensure the safety of families and their property.

His ability to identify tree, shrub and flower species, as well as common insects and diseases, enables him to provide expert advice to his clients, either by consultation, or through a Certified Arborist Report, often required to meet local bylaw requirements when a tree needs to be removed.

While tree preservation is important to Martin, it is paralleled by the safety of his crew, and the families and property of the clients he serves. His thorough knowledge of the safety precautions of his trade, and the equipment used to perform it, have enabled him to manage his crew through many projects, without damage or injury.

Martin’s keen eye for detail and esthetic appeal carry over into his skills in landscape construction, helping property owners to transform their backyard area into a personal oasis that suits their family lifestyle.

Martin makes his home in Richmond Hill, where many of his clients live, and you’ll often see his familiar ECOGREEN truck, or lawn signs where he’s worked, on local streets in the area.

Today, Martin continues to be committed to arboriculture. He is constantly learning and stays abreast of new information that he can share with his clients to serve them better, and help them to keep their properties beautiful, functional and safe.

Know the Facts!

Before you take down a tree, or remove any limbs, protect yourself by ensuring you know the current local by-laws and permit requirements.

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What our Clients are saying…

“The crew arrived on time and was extremely professional for a multi-tree job. Two climbers were supported by two ground crews. Good communication resulted in quick, safe work, lowering sections of limbs without damage to smaller trees or fences. They piled the limbs near the chipper to minimize noise to the neighbours, and did a good clean-up, for a reasonable price. I will use them again.”
J.D., Aurora
“I hired Martin Lafleur, owner of EcoGreen Landscape & Tree Service to complete much needed tree removal services. They removed a dangerous tree hanging over my garage. Their service was impressive and their fee was the best of three quotes received. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for an arborist.”
C.S., Richmond Hill, ON
“I had 4 massive Manitoba maples on my property that were all splintered and dying from the ice storm of 2013-14. They pulled the permits and executed the job quickly and efficiently. They are a team of guys that puts safety first and therefore are very efficient… I can say Martin’s deals are as solid as his handshake.”
Marco, Richmond Hill, ON

Our Referral Program

We will thank the person who referred you to ECOGREEN by providing them with
a discount on services equalling 10% of the value of the work we perform for you.


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