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Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization & Aeration

The trees and shrubs on your property represent a significant investment and their proper care can greatly impact your property appeal and value.

Deep Root Fertilization is like a treatment for trees. It is a popular service provided by Certified Arborists, in which a customized cocktail of season-specific fertilizer and nutrients are applied directly to the deeper roots of the tree or shrub by an injection process using high pressured equipment.

This process provides multiple benefits:

  • The methodology of the application also serves to aerate the soil, enabling the tree or shrub to absorb water, oxygen and nutrients, resulting in an increase in overall health.
  • The fertilization process improves the quality of the soil around the tree, allowing for better root nutrition and unrestricted expansion.
  • In urban developments, trees are often surrounded by grass or concrete landscaping features, which limit the trees’ ability to absorb water, oxygen and nutrients. Deep root fertilization overcomes this challenge by applying the needed nutrients where they are needed most.
  • The application of the fertilizer to the deeper roots prevents it from being washed away by rain or dispersed by wind.

ECOGREEN’S Certified Arborists can determine the right depth and scope of deep root fertilization for your tree’s root system, to ensure maximum absorption and help protect your investment in your trees and shrubs.

Deep Root Fertilization
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