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Interlock installation


Hardscaping allows the erection of landscaping features that would otherwise be impossible due to soil erosion. Our Hardscaping Services include the design and installation of the features you want to include in your landscape. These might include:

  • Interlock installation for your driveway or walkway, or perhaps the repair and levelling of existing interlock. Sealing of your interlock is another option, and gives your finished project an elegant “wet look” to keep it looking fresh and new.
  • Retaining Wall installation to showcase the beauty of your flowers and shrubs, and add unique design features to your garden. Stone, Rock & Decorative Structure installation, such as a waterfall, or fireplace feature, to add more visual interest and esthetic appeal to your property.
  • Excavation and Post Holes for decking or fencing projects – we’ll ensure that the post holes are deep enough to support whatever structure you’re creating.
  • Drainage and Culverts; Demolition, Stump and Root Removal, Trenching.
  • Out-structure base installation for a shed or cabana.
Retaining Wall installation

ECOGREEN’s design experts will help you to determine the best solutions for your particular needs
whether esthetic or functional – or a combination of both.

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