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Hedge and Shrub Trimming

Hedge and Shrub Trimming

Hedges and shrubs are popular features of landscaping in Ontario, as they provide privacy and help to define boundaries. As they mature, they also help to prevent damage from storms and serve as a beautiful backdrop for your plants and flowers throughout the growing season.

Well maintained hedges and shrubs add aesthetic appeal and value to your property and proper care can help to ensure their longevity.

A certified arborist will trim your shrubs to prevent them from growing out of control and encourage new growth, while ensuring that they are not damaged through over-trimming.

Shrub trimming requirements can vary depending on the growth rate and health of your shrubs.

It generally should take place in spring, after growth has started, and again in the fall, as part of your regular pre-winter maintenance.

ECOGREEN’s experts will assess the health of your hedges and shrubs and prescribe the right maintenance plan for your specific needs.

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