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Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

Turn your landscape dreams into reality with ECOGREEN!

The beauty of your property is an extension of the beauty of your home. Perhaps you envision stunning retaining walls to showcase your flowers, or want a stylized patio to extend your living space for the summer months.

Whatever your vision, our experts will work with you to establish, and stick to, a budget, then design and plan your perfect oasis, using AutoCAD and the latest design software to bring your unique ideas to life! Services include:


Interlock installation, repair, levelling and sealing; Retaining Wall installation; Drainage and Culverts; Stone …

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Lawn and Garden

ECOGREEN’s Lawn and Garden Services cover a variety of needs, from installation, to rejuvenation and seasonal care…

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Planting Services

Planting of trees, flowers, shrubs and hedging; Drainage and Culverts; Stone, Rock & Decorative Structure installation…

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Lot Clearing

Lot Clearing includes the cutting and removal of trees, bushes and shrubs, as well as any existing garden beds…

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Products for Purchase


With sustainability always top-of-mind, ECOGREEN endeavours to use all the wood product that is produced as a result of the work that we perform.

When a client has no use for firewood, we make it available for the public to pick-up, free of charge.

On occasion, and depending on our schedule, delivery may be available for a nominal fee; for details, please contact us directly: 905.884.6089

Wood Chips & Mulch

ECOGREEN offers our clients mulch and wood chips for garden enhancement. Trees or branches that we remove can be easily turned into chips or mulch, and spread on the garden beds. These products help to retain the moisture in your soil, thereby reducing the need for watering, and also assist the avid gardener in their ongoing battle against weeds.

As an added benefit, mulch and wood chips will reduce your soil erosion, by protecting it from the varying elements of our seasons.

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