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Lawn and Garden Services

Lawn & Garden

ECOGREEN’s Lawn and Garden Services cover a variety of needs, from installation, to rejuvenation and seasonal care.

In the installation phase, we’ll work with you to determine your options and which types of grass, shrubs and flowers best suit your needs.

Lawn Rejuvenation includes seasonal Power Raking, Aeration and Tilling, top-soil & mulch application, weed control, fertilization and overseeing of garden health.

Our care options will keep your lawn and garden healthy and beautiful!

Garden Turnover and Fertilization

Garden turnover, or tilling, is as old as gardening itself. It’s often practiced before planting to loosen soil and apply fertilizers, like nitrogen and phosphorous, to ensure healthy soil and a rich growing season. Its benefits include:

  • Aeration – turning the garden helps to keep the soil loose, helping water, oxygen and other nutrients to easily reach plant roots and support healthy plant growth.

  • Weed Management – weeds and insects are the bane of a gardener’s existence and can easily crowd or damage your plants. Turning the soil can help to break down weed roots and insect dwellings, providing your plants with a healthier growing environment.

  • Fertilization – whether your garden preference is for flowers or vegetables, proper fertilization will increase your seasonal bounty. Adding fertilizer during the turnover process allows the nutrients to fully permeate the soil, thereby strengthening your plants.

Garden turnover is generally recommended twice each year, in the spring, prior to planting, and again in the fall, before the winter sets in.

ECOGREEN’s Certified Arborists will assess the health of your gardens and recommend a turnover and fertilization plan to suit your needs.

Garden Turnover & Fertilization
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