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lot clearing

Lot Clearing

Building a New Home?

Specifically for the property owner who needs a lot cleared for new construction. Lot Clearing includes the cutting and removal of trees, bushes and shrubs, as well as any existing garden beds or hardscaping.

ECOGREEN will safely and thoroughly clear your lot, so that you’re ready for the next steps in your demolition or building project. We’ll also ensure that you know whether or not permits are required for your project, so you can rest assured that everything is in order.

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Plan your Project

There are a number of things to consider before you clear your lot. If the lot has existing trees, you’ll need to know where the new house will be situated on the property, and how the driveway will be positioned. Knowing these details in advance will allow you to save the trees that you want to incorporate into your overall design.

If your property is rural, you will likely have to factor in the size and location of a septic system. Locating your septic system well away from tree roots is imperative, and will save you costly maintenance fees in the future. Your well location will also have to be determined, and your local bylaws will determine its maximum proximity to the septic system.

ECOGREEN’s experts can help you navigate all these details, and ensure that you’ve considered all the important details before work begins.

lot clearing
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