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Tree removal

Tree Removal and Care

Regardless of the size of your tree, ECOGREEN’s certified arborists will ensure that it’s removed safely, and without damage to surrounding property features.

We’ll also get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently, with minimum inconvenience to you and your neighbours. And, in addition to our approach, we also offer an optional stump-grinding service after the tree has been removed, reducing the stump to grade level for greater esthetic appeal, and cleaning up the resulting sawdust.

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An Ounce of Prevention

Preservation of trees is our goal, and our expert pruning services will keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

We’ll consult with you on your trees’ health, and recommend the action required to ensure their optimal health. We’ll also consider solutions for any overhang that might pose a risk to your property, or the inconvenience of leaves where they’re not welcome.

Where warranted, we will provide an official Arborist Report detailing the health and structural integrity of your tree, particularly important where local bylaws dictate the specifications for tree removal.

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