Need Tree Services on your property? Winter discounts can help!

Winter can be a great time for tree services
here are 3 reasons why…

As winter approaches, the last thing on the minds of many people is property maintenance, such as tree trimming and branch removal. Yet winter can be a great time to have these services performed, with a range of benefits to the homeowner. If you own residential property, there are a few benefits you might want to consider:

1- Risk Prevention

Anyone who witnessed the devastation of the 2013 ice storm will likely remember how easily branches snapped and fell under the weight of ice, often damaging homes and vehicles. In fact, in the Town of Richmond Hill alone, 1,400 street and park trees were lost, about two per cent of its inventory.i

A proactive tree risk assessment and trimming can help reduce risk to your property and loved ones. A certified arborist can ensure that dead or compromised branches are trimmed to a healthy length, increasing their load-bearing capacity and protecting your property.

2- Early Preparation for Spring

There’s nothing quite like getting a head-start on spring property maintenance. And a little winter tree trimming can go a long way towards making the spring chores easier.

With dead or compromised branches removed while the trees are in their dormant state, your trees will have a healthy jump-start and your property will be better-prepared for beauty enhancements when the better weather arrives. Plus, with no foliage in the way of operations, the crew can be in and out quickly, with minimal disruption to you and your neighbours.

3- Special Discount on Winter Services

Who doesn’t love a bargain? With ECOGREEN Tree Services special winter tree care packages, you can have a certified arborist assess and care for your trees, while you protect your property and enjoy discounted rates on all your regular tree care needs.

Show your trees some winter love and take advantage of ECOGREEN’s discounted winter rates on all regular tree services.*

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* Offer valid on all work booked and completed, December 1, 2016 – March 1, 2017. Offer valid on new quotes only; expires March 1, 2017. Discount based on service availability. Property clean-up may not be fully complete on winter projects due to snow and ice on the ground.