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Old tree stumps on your property?

What home-owners need to know about tree stump removal…

Not just unsightly, old tree stumps from previously felled trees can cause a variety of problems on your property. From tripping hazards, to damage to sidewalks, and disease to soil and shrubs, the problems an old stump can cause make it well worth having an arborist come in to perform stump grinding services and ensure the health of your soil and garden.

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stump removal
tree stump removal

Stump Grinding – How it’s Done…

Stump removal can be performed quickly and easily by a certified arborist, such as ECOGREEN Tree Services, with a stump grinder – and the proper training in how to use the equipment.

The arborist will use the stump grinder to grind the stump down to grade level, ensuring that it no longer poses a tripping or damage hazard.

Some Common Stump Hazards

  • Risk of tripping to family or visitors to your property, such as guests, meter-readers, etc.
  • Property de-valuation, due to your property looking poorly groomed.
  • New sprouts growing out of stumps that can affect the look of your landscaping.
  • Even once a tree is cut down, the stump roots can live on and continue to spread. This can cause upset to walkways, interlocking and patio stones.
  • Old stumps can damage your mower blades if you hit one when cutting your lawn.
  • Stumps make an attractive home for wood-boring pests like beetles, termites and ants that can then spread to your home.
  • Stumps are harbingers of disease and stump removal is considered an environmental necessity to prevent the spread of tree diseases to healthy trees in the vicinity.
“ECOGREEN Tree Services removed my dead tree, then ground the stump down to nothing. They were quick and efficient, and now I know my property is protected.”
A.M., Richmond Hill

Benefits of working with ECOGREEN Tree Services

  • ECOGREEN’s arborists are fully certified and qualified in their craft.
  • We are fully-licenced and insured, and have active W.S.I.B. coverage for your full protection.

  • ECOGREEN’S ecological approach to property beautification is supported by our Sustainability Program, in which we donate to a fund which plants a tree for each one that we remove.
  • We use only the latest technology equipment, conforming to new emission and noise standards, to minimize inconvenience to you and your neighbours.
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