Will your insurance cover tree services?

Your home insurance might not cover damage caused by falling tree limbs – protect yourself from any surprises!

If you’re a residential property owner, you’ve probably taken the precaution of purchasing a home insurance policy to protect your investment, in case of an unforeseen event that causes damage to your home or cottage. In our opinion, that’s a really smart move, because things happen when you least expect them to. But do you really know what your insurance protection covers?

The realities of insurance protection

When you’re considering home insurance policies, it’s hard to imagine every adverse situation that could befall your home or surrounding property. To complicate things even further, a policy may cover a claim under certain circumstances, but not in others. According to Allstate Insurance, an industry leader in home insurance, your policy will likely cover a fallen tree that damages your home or another insured building on your property. But if that tree or branch happened to be dead or compromised, the homeowner is liable for all damage costsi.

That’s why, in situations like fallen trees or tree limbs, people are sometimes shocked to find that their policy doesn’t cover their situation… leaving them with a hefty and unexpected bill. So how do you know if your trees are at risk?

An ounce of prevention

If you’re like most people you care about the health of your trees, but can’t always tell if a tree is compromised, especially when the damage isn’t visible to the naked eye.

A proactive, professional tree risk assessment can identify issues and advise you of any threats, so that you can take the necessary steps to reduce risk to your property and loved ones. A certified arborist will ensure that dead or compromised branches are trimmed to a healthy length, thereby increasing their load-bearing capacity for the winter season, or enabling your trees to better withstand the ravages of spring and summer thunder storms.

A preventive risk assessment could be of particular importance for homeowners whose property has Ash trees, given the pervasive damage being inflicted by the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle in Southern Ontario.

Our advice: protect your property… and your loved ones!

We get it – life is busy. That’s why we recommend a simple tree risk assessment to ensure that your trees are healthy – and you know what to do if they’re not. It’s kind of like insurance on your insurance policy! Plus, we recommend that you call your insurance agent to ensure you know the extent of your coverage – and keep the surprises for special occasions and gifts!

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